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Anna Skura

A traveler, a lover of life, which she enjoys to the fullest, she teaches women the courage to change and create their dream life, regardless of what obstacles appear on the way.

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Marek Wikiera

Inspirational speaker, TEDx speaker,  

He has been successfully creating business projects for over 20 years. He sits on the boards of several companies.

Builds and runs development programs.

He is a leader and a coach.

4 Deserts Grand Slammer, ultramarathon runner and triathlete.

He is the co-author of the book "Wielki Pustynny Szlem. How to push the limits of your possibilities.”

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Marek Kamiński

Pole conqueror, creator of Life Plan Academy and Kaminski Academy. He was the first in the world to reach both poles of the Earth in one year, thanks to which he was entered into the Guinness Book of Records. He inspires hundreds of thousands of people in Poland and around the world through books, films, podcasts, webinars and training programs.

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Krzysztof  Ibisz

actor, TV presenter, journalist, producer, entrepreneur

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